Soprano Ylva Gruen as Ami

Mezzo Erica Back as Kiara 

Baritone Robin Thorén as Manfred 

Baritone Karl Johan Nordensten as Altaj


Flute/Piccolo - Marina Cyrino


Clarinet/Bass Clarinet - Mikael Roos

Tenor Saxophone - Nicklas Dahlin

Trumpet in Bb - Gustaf Sjösvärd

Percussion - Astrid Lindh

Banjo - Mikael Mannberg

Piano - Natalia Kremska

String Quartet -Sofie Sunnerstam, Elin Thorsell, Sophine Bertschneider and Kari Nesdal Sandnes

Dancers from Dance Group EHGA:

Sarah Dahlin Klein, Nadja Nilsson, Maria Wennberg, Lottie Borgqvist, Emma Eriksson, Tanja Andersson och Emma Andersson



The Opera "RATKING" 


This is a chamber Opera in two acts, libretto by myself. The Opera is a part of my graduation thesis and will explore the possibilities of different stage environments.


Three people is sitting in jail and waiting for their death sentence. Their fear of death almost drives them crazy, meanwhile the jailer tortures them with all means. The death suddenly doesn't appear as frightful as it first seamed.   

This is an interactive Opera with interactive stage requisites.

World Premiere 10 of May 2013

Studio Acusticum